How Well Do You Know the Christianity?

Christianity continues to be one of the most popular religions in the world today, with billions of followers globally. Christians are spread all over the world, and in all continents. However, it would surprise many to note that there are a lot of people who know very little about Christianity. This is especially so for people who ascribe to other religions; they know very little about Christianity. Below are the basic things you should know about Christianity;

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  • Bible; It is impossible to understand Christianity without knowing a bit about the bible. Christians believe that God speaks to them through the Bible, which they deem as a Holy book. The bible was written many thousands of years ago by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is divided into two categories; the Old Testament, that was written before Jesus was born, and the New Testament that was written after Jesus was born and had died.
  • Prophets; Christians believe in prophets who God used to communicate to his people. Some of these Prophets could perform miracles and wonders; some could speak to God directly, while others foretold the birth of Jesus. They Include Prophet Elijah, Prophet Jeremiah, Prophet Nehemiah, etc.
  • Jesus Christ; Christians also believe that God sent his own son Jesus Christ to come to the world, die for their sins, before resurrecting from the dead. As the son of God, Jesus is credited with having performed many shocking miracles, and even conquered death by rising from the grave. Jesus was crucified, hanged on the cross, but when he was buried, he rose from the dead after a few days. He later appeared to those that had seen him get killed, and later ascended to heaven as they stared shocked.
  • Holy Spirit; Christians also believe that Christianity has three pillars; God, Jesus, and the Holy spirit. This spirit comes when one has accepted to be “born again”, and it helps them do wonders and signs.
  • Life after Death; Christians also believe that there is life after death. That if one lives a holy life here on earth; they shall rise again after death and live forever and ever with their maker, God. They also believe that there will be judgment day where all sinners will be condemned to hell. In hell, they shall endure timeless suffering with the Satan.

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Those are the main things you should know about Christianity, although they are just a tip of the iceberg.

By Andrew Charalambous