5 Things to tell your dentist before oral sedation

In many occasions the thought of having your teeth cleaned or extracted can create a lot of fear. In fact many people would rather endure the agony of a toothache than hear the much feared verdict of a dentist; tooth extraction. Oral sedation is a process where a dentist administers pills to a patient in order to carry out anxiety-free dental procedures, as the patient is in a deeply relaxed state. Oral sedation medications can have side effects to individuals and therefore it is important for the patient to understand the implications before the process is carried out;

Here are 5 important things you should always tell your dentist in case you intent to have oral sedation medication:-

  • Heath status: – always brief the dentist on your past health history, and including any existing medical conditions. For instance people with heart related complications, expectant women, people with special allergies; such ought to inform the dentist of these conditions.
  • Food and drinks:-you are supposed to tell the dentist what kind of foods you are consuming. Sugary foods alter the performance of sedation drugs.
  • Alcohol usage:- if you intend to carry out an oral sedation procedure, then you are required to keep off from alcohol as it slows down the effect of sedation medicines for teeth whitening
  • Current medication: – some over – the – counter medications can affect the functioning of the sedation medicines; always notify the dentist of any medicine you’re consuming.
  • Smoking: – Also be sure to tell your doctor about habits like smoking since it can influence the effectiveness of sedation medications.
  • Oral sedation procedures are common treatment options in many dental clinics and you should check the best orthodontist london. The process is injection free and therefore it’s ideal for anyone who does not like injections. In fact, once you’re comfortable with oral sedatives, it may even be easier to have local anesthesia to further facilitate the ease of dental procedures.