online dating

Any guys go over this advice, without realizing that this is the most important thing about their profile. Girls will see your profile pictures and based on this they decide whether they like you or not. They will never read your profile if the pictures did not get their attention, that is especially true for tinder where you have no profile information just your picture.

Here are some advice for your profile picture

–    No selfies online dating

I see this over and over again, guys take a selfie in their room, or even worst in their bathroom, where you can see the dried toothpaste on their mirror. What can this possibly say about the guy? Probably that he never goes out and that he just sits at home all day long, not the best impression.

–    No bad quality photos

The other thing that I see guys doing all the time, is to have a picture that looks like it has been taken by a camera from the last century, all blurry and just looking horrible. This will also not convey anything good about you.

–    Get pictures done by professional

The guys who actually take the effort to get their pictures done by professional have much better success rate in online dating. There are many lifestyle photographers whose job is taking amazing and candid pictures that convey your personality and make sure that girls think positive things about you just from looking at the pictures.

The main reason why you will look amazing is because professional photographers have great gear and years of experience that will make it easy for them to make sure that they get the best of you.

–    Get pictures with some girls.

Having pictures with girls, conveys high value. By having pictures with other attractive girls you show that you are used to spending time with hot girls and may even date them.
The question is how to get sexy girls to take pictures with you. If you don’t know any attractive girls I’d advise you to hire elite escorts. These girls can make it look like you guys have known each other for years, this will make the other girls want you so much more