Employment-LawEven as you are employing new employees, it is good to ensure that you act in line with the law. Do not make mistakes of breaching the law as you may be fined or jailed. Some of the employment issues you should watch out for are:

  • Discrimination

It is a crime to discriminate against any employee; whether the employee you have hired is physically challenged or not, you should respect him or her. In addition, you shouldn’t discriminate against race, gender and age. If an employee is getting certain benefits, then everyone in that category should benefit from the same.

  • Child labor

It is illegal to employ children to work for you. Even if you are employing them to undertake the easiest of tasks, you shouldn’t dare. The World labor organization has set minimum years that a person can legally start to work. On the same note, most governments have set standards that should be kept so as to protect rights of children. If you are an employer, always observe these laws. If you cannot observe these laws, you will most likely be fined or jailed.

  • Insurances and medical cover

Each employee is entitled to an insurance and medical cover. You should ensure that you include these benefits in your contract. If not, you can easily be sued. On the same note, you must provide a good working environment for your employees. This is the only way you will avoid personal injuries that may cost you a lot of money.


Finally as top Employment Lawyers for employment issues are a plethora, and the above are just some of them. In order to be on the safe side, you should always look at these issues carefully. In this way, you will avoid being fined and jailed.


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